Interesting you use a lot of hyperbole to deliver your opinion which I believe to be somewhat lacking. I have merely described my experience of a house party as the preamble of my brothers psychological decline. I don’t in any way reference what happened at the house party as being responsible for the development of his illness. Of course the majority of we, have dabbled in either drugs or alcohol, or both. Indeed as you say this is normal.

Never did I say that cannabis is associated with violent behaviour. Schizophrenia is however, and that is what I described.

A lot of people here have provided knee jerk comments and missed the true message of what I have said in this piece, the tangible evidence of which is in my words. All I have done is provide a description of my experience and closed that with my opinion that certain strains of cannabis can lead to schizophrenia for those that have a predisposition to it. Simple.

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