Hello Eric, thank you for sharing your views. I think we are agreed although perhaps as I have written to another commenter — that I have not conveyed my remedial suggestions clearly enough.

Nor have I made clear that it is not cannabis I am concerned about but it’s potent strain hashish. This is the central thrust of my piece, not cannabis. I don’t believe the latter should be banned or made illegal — nor do I believe it to be the cause of my brother’s decline. I believe my brother has or had a predisposition to develop schizophrenia, and his abuse of hashish is that which manifested and accelerated the development of his illness.

I knew my writing of this article would stir some debate and I hope that you can understand my viewpoint now that I have clarified.

Many thanks and best, Amelie

Mummy. Mental Health Advocate. Adorer of Great Coffee. Lover of all Acts of Kindness. Reach me at ameliebridgewater@gmail.com

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