Dear Sheri, thank you for your kind note. I resonate with all of what you say — most of all, that the locus of control is in seeking to locate humanity behind the facade of an abuser, instead of drawing on, and embracing the justified rage.

I ponder often how much further I can grow and evolve in my journey when I still struggle so much to muster anger from within. I have no doubt it is there, it must be — and I fear that until it surfaces I will still be vulnerable in some capacity — that it will always remain my tendency to search for the good in others and in doing so, justify behaviour that is not acceptable. But onwards I march, I am so determined to become who I was meant to be. So I continue with therapy to be the best I can be for myself and my little one. Thank-you for the book recommendation, I ordered it this morning :-) All the very best, Amelie

Mummy. Mental Health Advocate. Adorer of Great Coffee. Lover of all Acts of Kindness. Reach me at

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