Dear Beth, your article brings sadness and I really do feel your pain. It must be wretched to be estranged from your daughter.

I have cut my mother out of my life — and I know she too is in pain because of it. But it cannot simply be attributed to something that happened a long time ago. Because whatever that “something” is, it is still very much present for your daughter just as it is for me in my situation.

I hear that you want to own your ailings, and I wish you so much for this; I hope you get the opportunity to share this ownership with your girl. Sadly my mother does not want to own a thing — to her, everything is my fault, my doing. Such is life.

I really hope and pray for a reconciliation for you one day when your daughter is ready. Which by the way I have no doubt she will be, in her own good time.

Wishing you the Best, Amelie

Mummy. Mental Health Advocate. Adorer of Great Coffee. Lover of all Acts of Kindness. Reach me at

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