Repetition Compulsion: Repeating the cycles of childhood abuse.

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A True Story: The artful skill of spotting a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

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Dis-order in the mental health ward.

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The absurdity of depression.

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Self-punishment, self-torture, and a modicum of masochism

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The adaptive function of dissociation, personality parts and amnesia.

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Passivity drives us deeper into our past.

When trauma was imprinted in childhood, repetitive and interpersonal, the damage is profound and far reaching.

It’s the marker of a very shallow soul.

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The need to speak of others negatively; to benefit or get a kick out of somebody else’s misfortune, or character failing is a glaring signal of one’s own weakness and frailty.

And not losing your own self if you love somebody with one.

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Functional impairment and the loss of memory. Can we get it back?

Amelie Bridgewater

Mummy. Mental Health Advocate. Adorer of Great Coffee. Lover of all Acts of Kindness. Reach me at

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